Headergrafik | Anna Heringer

Dipdii Textiles 

Dipdii Textiles - crafted out of local textile traditions - are designed for a decentralized production in the villages of Bangladesh where the quality of life and space is both humane and free. Economic growth is generally linked to an increasing exploitation of resources. Dipdii Textiles follows a different path. Instead of adding much resources to develop, they are grafted with time, skills and creativity. 

A beautiful solution out of the ordinary. 

Dipdii Textiles is initiated by Anna Heringer as architect and Veronika Lena Lang as master tailor and is realized in cooperation with the Bangladeshi non-government organization Dipshikha for rural development. Elke Burmeister-Haug, master tailor and fashion designer, is currently responsible for the design and project management.

More than four million people, women in particular, are living from the fabrication of textiles in Bangladesh. The objectives of the garment sector merely is to achieve the global standards regarding quality and labour conditions - or in other words: to cheaply produce a perfect standardized t-shirt in safe working conditions. But what is not considered is the wonderful and unique textile culture that Bangladesh owns in rich diversity, nor are the global technological developments taken in account that with great probability will replace some manual labour soon. 

This project is a Bangladeshi-German cooperation between crafts(wo)men and designers together with a Bangladeshi NGO for village development. It proves the possibility of an alternative "made in Bangladesh" production: participative, sustainable, decentralized, based on the local textile traditions, with every piece being unique and with the purpose to improve the quality of life. 


Concept: Anna Heringer 
Textile design: Elke Burmeister-Haug, Veronika Lena, Anna Heringer 
Technical guidance and project management: Elke Burmeister-Haug

Cooperationpartner in Bangladesh: Dipshikha (Non-formal Education, Training and Research Society for Village Development) and women from the village Rudrapur and surrounding. Production management: Dipshikha 
Manufacturing: women of Rudrapur and Birgonj, Bangladesh 
Trainers in Bangladesh: Suref, Sudoshon 
Additional training: Lucia Perianes, Klara Fehsenmayr 

Since: December 2012