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Dipdii Textiles has from the start been about creating quality of life for craftspeople. Our story started in Bangladesh, but the current issue of fast fashion has been affecting independent and small-scale tailors everywhere. Dipdii* is about creating meaningful collaborations with local craftspeople that share our vision in creating a participative, sustainable and decentralized production which is based on local textile traditions, with every piece being unique and with the purpose to improve the quality of life.



Elke Burmeister

We are very happy to introduce Elke Burmeister to you. We are working in close collaboration with this talented Öcouture fashion designer. Elke creates unique pieces from our crafted Dipdii materials and also makes tailored designs on request.

For Elke the fabric and material is very important. It hast to be natural and without all the poison the most fabrics are made of.

“The wonderful special handmade fabrics from the Dipdii women are inspiring for me on a higher level. During my work with Dipdii fabrics or plaids, I can feel the energy and the spirit of the women who made it with all their knowledge an love to this old handcraft, and this is wonderful. It also very suitable for my philosophy. I think, we all need this kind of energy to stay strong. One possibility is to wear clothes with this consciousness.”

You can dive into the work of Elke Burmeister Öcouture through her website, Facebook and Instagram account.


Veronika Lena Lang

Veronika is a very skilled tailor and the co-founder of Dipdii Textiles. She has visited our tailors in Bangladesh several times to develop and improve our main Dipdii Collection. Throughout our collaboration craftsmanship, creative ideas and characterful designs come together. Working with the Dipdii fabrics is part of Veronika her design philosophy: “fashion for me is not just a piece of fabric that you wear on your body - it is an important and very personal part of life.”

Within our Dipdii* collaboration Veronika works with our Dipdii blankets to expresses her creative freedom and create highly skilled tailored designs.

You can discover more of Veronika’s work and services through her website.

Pictures from ©François Weinert, ©Michael Obex, ©Stefano Mori